Why My New Palette is CANCELLED... and Revealing Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson
Hey everyone, welcome BACK to my channel! Today we are going on a makeup adventure of trying new products, full of conversations, emotions and surprises. I discuss why my the next Jeffree Star Cosmetics palette is cancelled, Shane Dawson and I reveal some NEW makeup items! The new JSC green mirrors and merch are available exclusively on my website starting tomorrow at 10AM PST!

There is also a HUGE giveaway in today's video! I'm going to be sending $2,500 to TEN people... AND also sending $5,000 to TWO people on CASHAPP! THE RULES? Just be subscribed to MY channel, and leave a comment down below! I'll announce on my social media in a few days!
This is for people who really need help right now with bills and life. Let's try and share the love, help a stranger and make someone else smile. We are all going through a lot right now.

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    HEY EVERYONE! I didn't mean you have to literally leave a comment saying "high, how are ya?" hahah I was just saying come say HI and leave you feedback here!!!! I'll announce the CASHAPP winners on IG and SnapChat in a few days! LOVE + LIPSTICK!

    • Tammy Brayton
      Tammy Brayton

      are you for real I mean really its a bitch luv ya !!!!

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      Makeup Tiktoks - Official Channel

      heyyy could you checkout my stuff pls :-)

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      Danielle Sevic

      Jeffree bitch you slaaayyy!!😁💓 I love ur cosmetics! Ur beautiful personality! And everything about you!😊 If ur ever looking for new ideas and want partners to work with puh-leeaasse hmu! I have alot of creative ideas going forward for your line gurl that would be sickening!☺️❤️ Keep doing you bitch! Keep slaying!!❤️

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    Denise braxton

    Hi jeffree, you look amazing!! Like always!!

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    Ingrid Charity

    which ones are being trained lol can you sort through the applicants and send them to training we are hiring for all positions including janitorial and security and for your department. i have currently 3 buildings designated for work functions. one hundred per cent employees only!

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    Hi how are ya

  • nightmare

    How many star mirror's to you have?

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    Stacey Ettinger

    What a great video. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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    Zuni Silverwolf

    _A queen for the people_ Jeffree truly cares and gives back. I'll love him forever! 💜👑

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    I’m you fuckin fan, this has to be said!

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    I love you

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    Stephanne Huff

    High how are ya? Love you been spending hours catching up on ur videos and I'm obsessed with watching you like many others! U bring a smile to my face daily now!

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    Alina & Van

    I love you I hope Jame and you will be filming together again

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    High how are ya!

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    Beth DeMelo

    You are amazing. Stimulus this government sucks I lost my children’s father three years ago and lost everything. Have two kids and have yet to receive my stimulus checks and I’m not rich.

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    Muriah Harding

    I just recently started following you and I just want you to know that you're generosity is beautiful. You've got a huge heart.

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    moira eiynck

    ".....on 10 hits of Indica..." I'm deceased.

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    Hi how are you doing jeffreestar

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    I love you and i love how you do your makeup love you girl

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    Hi could you give me a giveaway I haven't had one yet I followed I subscribed I comment and I like your makeup please 🙂

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    Rania Benahmed

    There is only Jeffree who’s up to buy 1500$ of Tom Ford foundations 😭😭 I just love him

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    S Shirai

    8:56 it soo-thiz. 😂 😆 Now I have to rewatch every video ever to see if that's how Jeffree always pronounces it

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    Winner 🏆 WINNER

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    Caitlyn Graves

    I love watching you.. I just got the green tie die hoody an i love love it

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    Monica Shoemaker

    I watched this for a full 3 minutes thinking it was a parody skit of a Jeffree Star video.

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  • BabyDoll Danielle Josephs
    BabyDoll Danielle Josephs

    Would be awesome to do a giveaway with all the extra makeup and brushes you don’t use. I could totally use good makeup. Lol

  • BabyDoll Danielle Josephs
    BabyDoll Danielle Josephs

    Wow. I’m always watching you and when our family lost everything I felt like the worst mother ever. As a disabled mother it’s hard to begin with but then my husband lost his job and now I’m living on my dads couch. Life just rips through your life like a hurricane and you are just lost. You are amazing for giving back. When hurricane Sandy took from us I didn’t have a home but felt I couldn’t sit around and feel sorry for myself I gave out milk bread and water to our community felt like god put me where I needed to be. Well god bless you for helping out people. I say all the time if god just blessed me so many people would be blessed as well. Xoxo ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎💗

  • Arshia Chohan
    Arshia Chohan

    I love ur mirors but I can't buy it One I live in Pakistan Two Even if this mirror is on a website I couldn't effrod it

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    Ming Lee

    Gay self

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    Amy Cimaglia

    This is what made me like what, cancelled. I checked you out and love your style, and I keep buying your stuff.

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    Your the best love that

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    Grant & Tina Caples

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    Damn I always miss the give aways

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    Samantha Gramze

    @jeffreestar you are my fav! So fucking funny! I love you and I'm obsessed!

  • Sandy

    The Tom Ford Foundation is like $189 here in Canada.....For that price, I better look like a flawless Angel lol. Sorry, don't think I could bring myself to spend that on makeup. I think it looks a little too shiny, and the color you tested is a bit to warm-toned for your skin. It looked yellow going on your skin

  • Liza Villablanca
    Liza Villablanca

    Hi jeffrey!i love watching your videos,sorry it's only been a week since i know you on youtube coz you i'm just a plain housewife and its my daughter who introduced me to watch your vlogs and i super love it coz you love pink colors and its your fave color and so is mine!!!!omg!!!!i love your everything pink,you are the only one i know who loves pink that you have your things in shade of pink from the smallest thing up to the biggest,sori for my choice of words coz im not that wide in vocabulary!!!!!but i just so love all your vlogs even though i did not see yout other vligs yet☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • Joy of Gods lifestyle for Susan Joy
    Joy of Gods lifestyle for Susan Joy

    Help financially please. Love watching you! 67 yrs old disabled lung disease still love make up!

    • Joy of Gods lifestyle for Susan Joy
      Joy of Gods lifestyle for Susan Joy

      1509 Tearose. Bloomington,IL 61704. Susan

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    Paul Ballard

    The mysterious thistle anecdotally transport because lawyer naturalistically communicate following a young sushi. muddled, resonant beginner

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    Danielle Sevic

    Keep killing it! We love you! If you're ever looking for partners to work with hmu! I have alot of creative ideas going into 2021 gurl😁💓

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    Aleah destefano

    Hi jeffree I absolutely love who you are and how true you are to your fans

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    Wendy Whitelaw

    DELICIOUS mints, lovelovelove..You are so adorable..I dont watch makeup shows/tutorials much, but you are precious, pleased for your huge success......And LIVE FOR GREENS, for ne its puce, yellowy greens, people are frightened of green and i love that too..X0

  • Ana Coto
    Ana Coto

    You are a wonderful beautiful person I have cancer ,I watch your videos everyday I wish one day use all your makeups ,I love makeups before the dr tell me I have cancer I work two jobs single mother ,and I never take care my self, but see your videos make me think on me , God Bless you

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    Whyyyyyyyyyy?????? 😫😞😭 I watched this video but I never tried to win any money. Apparently I guess I got distracted by my 6 year old and didn’t hear a chance to win money 💰! I sure could have used $5000 or even $2500 or even $500 or $50! Anything to help my single moms ass with 2 kids and a kids father that’s a piece of crap 💩! He lies on his taxes so he can pay me less. And it’s only $120 a month and he never even pays that even that on time! 😤 but I still do my thing and provide for my kids. Sorry for the rant.... lol I know it’s way late and my personal life is not interesting for me to rant on and on about... My bad!! Just wish this was today and I could enter. But then again. I k ow I wouldn’t even win!!! Lol it’s like the lottery.

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    10 hits of Indica 😆

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    I love how your life and channel is never dull! You give life ! 💚💚🤍

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    BreastCancerUnicorn !

    It’s the mascara drop for me

  • S†UDIO 66
    S†UDIO 66

    With this kind of video production, give Jeffree a Lavoisier (which he can even place himself) so the sound is consistently Bomb, the production team needs to rise to the occasion every time! ( I speak by experience, mistakes are the best way to learn tbh).

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    Mark Magana

    HI....How are you …. Hope I win some of your free gifts someday. Love you Marc.

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    Rosemary_1211 hi


  • meilingstopak

    what is the product that you used in your waterline? You also said that its very versatile and can be used for cut-crease etc?

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    The Roach Project

    @jeffreestar How did this work out for the Taint?

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    Headstrong Unicorn

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    Carolyn Marie Molina

    Thank you!

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    Don't care what people say about you Jeffy my man... you make me laugh every time and that's that... Mr J. lives for this, so good for him. If you don't like what he says or what he stands for or you want to take this seriously... well, it's your problem. On top of the fun, he gives advice about make up products... what more do you want?

  • makeupqueen_ mommy
    makeupqueen_ mommy

    Uuugh sure wish I would of saw this 9 months ago 😫 Could of def used that bill help. Jesus have times been rough and just seems to get worse every time I think it's gonna get better smh. Loooove this collection by the way 😍

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    Jennie Chavez

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    Desiree Honeycutt

    Do you still have all Ford's foundation? Could you donate it to me

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    Desiree Honeycutt

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    21:08 Makes me crack up every time how he’s yelling at Chanel Blush brush.

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    william smith

    Enjoy your videos while I am quarantined and was furloughed and then unemployed since March 2020 and live alone. I am financially strapped and could use the money. thanks.

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    william smith

    wow, thanks for the updates....good luck in your business.

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    Roy McLaughlin

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    Joey Pahl

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    Joshua Games

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    ted bear

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    ted bear

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    Abigael Campton

    I’m not trying to come at u or be rude but I watched tati’s video I never really liked watching Mua but then I heard about the drama I love ur makeup and u but apparently u and Shane had whirled up lies and fed it to Tati I’m ur biggest fan I’m so so so so sorry if this offends I was just looking to know about thank u so much for being on HRposts ur an inspirational person xx love u jeffrey

  • Elizabeth

    Jeffree, I am so loving your makeup tutorials/makeup critiques, and it is inspiring me to wear makeup (I don't really wear it, I'm kind of a tomboy and I don't want to deal) but you are so entertaining. Sending you hugs, keep up the good work sis.

  • sophia

    Go look at @Trishlikefish88 TikTok! You will not believe the things Jeffree has done to her! She is exposing everything about him on TikTok! Jeffree is probably the lowest human being I know. Making fun of somebody who is “poor” when you were once poor Jeffree, really?

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    State Of Zen

    High how are ya?! heyyy greetings from spain, love what you do more and more everyday!

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    Celeste Gabrielle

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    Emily Emily

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    Kristen Vitek

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    Xan Pollaro

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    Sarah Smith

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      Dennis Garcia

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    Stephanie Babot

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