Wet N Wild x Sponge Bob Makeup… Is It Jeffree Star Approved?!
HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel!! Today I'm testing out the much talked about Wet N Wild x Sponge Bob makeup collection! I know it's been over month since I've reviewed makeup but I'm feeling ALOT better since the accident, and I'm ready to dive back in! Is this collaboration iconic or a flop?? Watch and find out. Also, let me know what new launches and products you want me to review next! Love you Star Family.

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  • Lily Garcia
    Lily Garcia

    5:32 😂😂 that scream was on point! Great spongebob

  • Moshe Tal
    Moshe Tal

    Can we have a makeup toutorial for straight men. Something like hollywood men actors get? Please

  • Leia Hensley
    Leia Hensley

    Say what you want about our boy Jeffree, but I'm not taking makeup recommends from any other HRpostsr.

  • Jeannie princetta
    Jeannie princetta

    I thought you were doing the Prince collection? Supposed to have been up about a week ago and I'm still not finding it

  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez

    20:06. Wait but i thought that was yellow

  • TheUnknownPleasures

    I love you in this short, softed colored hair. This really suits you!

  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez

    Jeffree needs to make a 63mm royal blue grinder. Also heal up jeffree

  • Aidan McElroy
    Aidan McElroy

    A bit of constructive criticism to the editor is just to obviously be more careful before the video is uploaded. A few mistakes like the random 2 second black screen as well as S in transitions that could be a bit more seamless takes from the video a little bit. Good work though! Great video.

  • amira irdina
    amira irdina

    Do collaboration with winx club🙃

  • Michele Tambunan
    Michele Tambunan

    Take care of yourself Jeffrey. You are starting to look like the rest of us with the dark circles under your eyes. Miss your videos like this but don't push yourself.

  • Виктория Пономаренко
    Виктория Пономаренко


  • Mairin Mazzie Sheary Smith
    Mairin Mazzie Sheary Smith

    Am I the only one who doesn’t mind the editing? Christian was better but the new one doesn’t bother me

  • Jazmin Alejandra Castro
    Jazmin Alejandra Castro

    What about with this backgroud music?????

  • Anonymous 0000
    Anonymous 0000

    🔥 bonfire crypto

  • Joshua Escobar
    Joshua Escobar

    you copy the kylie skin

  • Shalynn Taylor
    Shalynn Taylor

    This video is a mess 🤢

  • Kathy M
    Kathy M

    Jeffree needs to do ANY Tim Burton collab 😢 I want corpse bride Vibes with blue blood. I want Frankenweenie Vibes with cremated 😢. It would make my life 😬

  • ShaneTheMan

    What's with the weird randomly placed sound effects and transitions? Lol ....this a cocomelon episode?

  • Mya Walker
    Mya Walker

    Living for his side profile 😩

  • Chelsea Badders
    Chelsea Badders

    you should do a collab w adventure time or rick and morty

  • asueft


  • Scarlett Fox
    Scarlett Fox

    Putting on expensive high-end foundation with a Patrick beauty blender. I love Jeffree.

  • Haley Morton
    Haley Morton

    Idk why so many people are complaining, 12:12 "We have to test the tip of Patrick" was fucking HILARIOUS and the zoom out was added affect. She only been editing Jeffree's vids for like 5 days let's not act too much like Karen's ladies.

  • Victor Gutierrez
    Victor Gutierrez

    Review The Paytas Miracle box plz

  • KJW

    WTF are you freak

  • Organzied Confusion
    Organzied Confusion

    Whew your skin looks gorgeous!!! It’s giving fountain of youth

  • Love Pinky
    Love Pinky

    Jeffrey pleas review glamlite x mikayla collaborationpretty pleas

  • •. Bubble •. Puffgirl
    •. Bubble •. Puffgirl

    If y’all don’t like the music or editing on the video u can click tf off!!🙂🥰

  • Linda Weinstein
    Linda Weinstein

    What a nut

  • Charlie Sheffield
    Charlie Sheffield

    Jeffrey, it’s good to see that you’re doing ok since you’re accident 💟 that highlighter is so pretty

  • yeahboi


  • LessOfMe Rny
    LessOfMe Rny

    He just seems not ready for this. Guess I could be wrong but I still LOVE Jeffree

  • Luh_stanced

    The gay channel lol

  • Justice Hurlburt
    Justice Hurlburt

    Really jeffery I'm so proud of you for working with the bad injuries you have. God blessed you

  • Justice Hurlburt
    Justice Hurlburt

    Keep up with the good work

  • John Enriquez
    John Enriquez

    This editing sucks, terrible. what the fuck happened the other guy buddy?!

  • Lenny Mendez
    Lenny Mendez

    I love you Jeffree but your editor and videographer needs to GO

  • This is your area you can‘t do that here
    This is your area you can‘t do that here

    Wait I thought he was cancelled

  • Megan Norman
    Megan Norman

    You should 100% do a my little pony themed make up line or a carebear themed one

  • Billie Dants
    Billie Dants

    Fuck it brk You big girly gay gay gay

  • fan boy
    fan boy

    I want new video I miss you I love you❤😭

  • Brandon Cooney
    Brandon Cooney

    You have no eyebrows.... You must be a super sayain 3!

  • Calviel Hobbes
    Calviel Hobbes

    This is Terrible what is this disappointed 😑😑😑

  • Madhukar Muckhia
    Madhukar Muckhia

    I can't stop watching him....what a attractive voice

  • Ashley Lee
    Ashley Lee

    I feelclike wet n wild took a quick grab. If thought out they cod have slayed it!!!

  • s'Carrie Cemetery'1776
    s'Carrie Cemetery'1776

    @5:31 One of the best Jeffree Star reactions ever, his scream when he almost dropped/broke the highlighter! 😂🤣😅

  • solar

    Y’all exaggerate and get Butthurt too much about the editing and music in the video!!get over it!!! it’s not annoying just watch the dang video and stop complaining so much jeez

  • veronica tirkey
    veronica tirkey

    Who likes Jeffree's way of saying' How are ya!' 😍😍

  • Chantal Chan
    Chantal Chan

    Do a tokidoki Collab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you would like them!

  • Kenzie Marie
    Kenzie Marie

    I once got in a car crash and let me warn you I’m 10 and my sister and brother was with me in the car. The guy who was driving was my 20? Year old brother and his friend was there...So we were driving to our house and the truck was not working so good. And there is no room to pole over so the truck broke down and my stupid a** brother went on the other side of the rode so we flipped on the ditch right next to us and girl it was so f***** scary jeffry ik how you feel I’m here for you and I hope you get well god is blessed you. And he loves you! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Christina Ramkaran
    Christina Ramkaran

    Is it me or is he loosing subscribe?

  • Casper Tyaga
    Casper Tyaga

    Can you review Nature Republic x NCT 127 Make Up?

  • A’WHora A lot ATX
    A’WHora A lot ATX

    Omg a Scooby doo x Jeffree star cosmetics would be so much fun!!! #INEEDIT

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    Shirley March

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  • D

    I would really like to hear your opinion on Mikayla’s new make up kit....

  • TheLast American
    TheLast American

    This has to be the most disgusting thing I've ever seen.

  • Hannah Mitchell
    Hannah Mitchell

    Man next time I have foot surgery I am going to put the cast over my clothes.

  • Chelesy Taylor
    Chelesy Taylor

    I really hope he continues to do reviews. I’ve missed them.

  • mia liotine
    mia liotine

    the fact that he still has supporters... he's literally the most vile person ever.

  • Trevino Family Vlogs
    Trevino Family Vlogs

    I can definitely tell your skin care is working because your skin looked amazing in this video! You looked so glowey in the beginning

  • Mmmm A
    Mmmm A

    Your eyeshadow pallets” are over kill !” How many more pallet collections can we see from you ..

  • Newsfromjavier

    that makeup is a mess girl

  • Phatee Harrison
    Phatee Harrison

    try Korean glass face make up please

  • Weird Nikki
    Weird Nikki

    Hello gorgeous! I have a challenge for you if you're interested. I haven't seen anyone do this yet. I just came up with it. I could be wrong. I don't know. Its 2 challenges in one. Full face make up look using face paint..but..only primary colors (blue, red, and yellow) but also you can include white and black. You can mix the colors to get the shades you need for example: foundation and concealer. I dont know if you'll see this but I thought i would try. Youre amazing!!

  • Zarintyr

    Hey Star. Have you ever given the Japanese Gyaru make up/clothing style a try? I think it might fit you. :DD

  • julia kirkman
    julia kirkman

    Yo, we all LOVE your makeup reviews, but why would you pick cheezy/kid makeup? Sponge Bob is cute, no doubt, but I'm ready to see some real reviews. There are SO many new drops and collections that desperately need you to tare it up on these reviews. This is just not applicable, sorry. Bring it Jeffree, do what you do best!

  • mohnad algmely
    mohnad algmely


  • Igorotexpert ml haha
    Igorotexpert ml haha

    Make up 👆 hey bro try to use charcoal 😂

  • The Empty Set
    The Empty Set

    love this.

  • ayeeitzleslie

    Here’s an idea bratz

  • ChrisCataclysm

    Who edited this?! Is a trainwreck! 💥💥💥 Should come with a warning for viewers with photo sensitive epilepsy 🙈🙈🙈

  • Lilyyy Louise
    Lilyyy Louise

    If I had a dime for every time Jeffree said “first of all” 😂😂😂😂♥️♥️

  • Brooke


  • Escape From PA
    Escape From PA

    Jeffree Star infiltrated Casper, WY ....70% of the vote went to Trump in BOTH 2016 and 2020 ....the last thing they want there is a flaming gay nutcase...but of course Marxist, self-loathing hypocrites run away from themselves!

  • Edgy Bob Ross
    Edgy Bob Ross

    YALL HES 51

  • Bryan Toth
    Bryan Toth


  • Candy DeVille
    Candy DeVille

    Huh. You have a spine?

  • Haley Gloss
    Haley Gloss

    The editing cuts are kind of bad….

  • Amy Lauzier
    Amy Lauzier

    Only 1.6 million views in two weeks 😂 ohhh how the mighty have fallen.

  • Jessica MacClugage
    Jessica MacClugage

    Please try Trish's skin care line lol I just wanna make sure it worth it

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    Olivia O'Brien smith

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  • tabby coffman
    tabby coffman

    I love spongebob movies and Christmas

  • uwu katie
    uwu katie

    the music in the back needs to stop

  • Yvette Herrera
    Yvette Herrera

    I love the Patrick sponge 🥰🥰🥰

  • uwu

    Did this editor just learned how to edit videos? The editing looks so unprofessional

  • Adam Mocaby
    Adam Mocaby

    I love seeing how big of a drop your views have taken. Karma's a bitch. Hope you've saved a lot.

  • Mini X hydra X - BS
    Mini X hydra X - BS

    Are you a girl or a boy bruh

    • Mini X hydra X - BS
      Mini X hydra X - BS

      @Dayna Berry ok thanks for telling me

    • Dayna Berry
      Dayna Berry

      He is a boy

  • Yuko Syhaqina
    Yuko Syhaqina


  • Gia Hart
    Gia Hart


  • shehryar khan
    shehryar khan

    Ye khusra ha

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    xiaoqi zhang

    Best wish for you

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    Scott E Tylor


  • stefanoitch stefanoitch
    stefanoitch stefanoitch

    What a nasty human being

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  • Nilam Dikondwar
    Nilam Dikondwar

    Jeffrey Star baby boy 🤰 family Why