KVD Good Apple Foundation… Is It Jeffree Star Approved?!

  • Sebastian Haver
    Sebastian Haver

    I lived, laughed, and loved for the iconic blonde hair

  • Candace Gardner
    Candace Gardner

    Probably a lil late to point it out but don't his ear piercings seem too low on his ear lobes???

  • Fascienne Skytten
    Fascienne Skytten

    That Wendy's bathrobe though

  • Jen Marie
    Jen Marie

    I'm waiting for JS foundation for my pale self.

  • Julia Topple
    Julia Topple

    Babe. Are you working on a pink eyeshadow palette?? The end of the video has me curious 👀💕

  • Let’s be friends La
    Let’s be friends La

    Bullshit KVD is making royalties of off the sales. And she still has some part. Regardless of the situation. She not dumb.

  • Caitlin Brace
    Caitlin Brace

    just thinking how much money do you think you spent on all of your tattoos? Sorry if this is too intrusive just really curious since i just started my tattoo journey lol

  • La jiji Del dorsal
    La jiji Del dorsal


  • Chery liz guerra acevedo
    Chery liz guerra acevedo

    How about trying farmasi product's

  • Feesha C
    Feesha C

    I feel sad that recycling in the fashion industry is not a priority. Imagine if the great pacific garbage patch floated right beside his fav spot in bora bora. Would « lux » packaging still be worth it?

  • Natalie Weigand
    Natalie Weigand

    I luv how Jeffree knows which puppy is barking.....from the bark 😂🥰🌈🤩💫🐶

  • Puja Das
    Puja Das

    Your new look is attractive, I dn want to say this but you are looking handsome

  • Ashley Corum
    Ashley Corum

    What did they do to make her not want any part of the company? Like I literally thought it was HER makeup line? I’m so confused?

  • Czar

    He looks like gay Eminem 🤣 (not a bad thing lol)

  • Mia Saracinaj
    Mia Saracinaj


  • Anila Razzaq
    Anila Razzaq

    "Cancelled foundation brush" 🤣🤣 Gave me fits of laughter.

  • rachel Salata
    rachel Salata

    It's recommended at your nearest glory hole. Shit got me all the way dead.

  • Trinity Watson
    Trinity Watson

    Can we just take a moment to acknowledge how beautiful you are with the haircut like it’s giving me life right now.

  • Lucca Scionz
    Lucca Scionz

    Wallking dead lol

  • Amber van Dokkum
    Amber van Dokkum

    Can I just say that I'm loving this new hairstyle, hello?? Come through pink!

  • Kalia Philabaum
    Kalia Philabaum

    biggest issue i had with this foundation is the separation especially on the nose and forehead

  • Sophie

    I love his nose I want it 😫😩

  • Meg Stewart
    Meg Stewart

    Your cheating on toco bell lol😂😂🤣🤣

  • Rexona Tyleer
    Rexona Tyleer

    Love the hair girl!

  • maddy bogan
    maddy bogan

    You’re a terrible person

  • Nikki Moore
    Nikki Moore

    “Don’t wear to your nearest glory hole”....The review we really need


    say what you want about Jeffrey but his opinion on makeup is the only one I trust

  • jasmyn Ramirez
    jasmyn Ramirez

    What mascara was that ?

  • jane doe
    jane doe


  • Aly Dubois
    Aly Dubois

    Seeing you using Sohl lashes makes me happy happy!

  • Jessica Huston
    Jessica Huston

    Pull a prince and use a symbol, cosmetic brand formally known as KTV.....🦄🦄💋

  • ladychaos91374

    i live part time in florida it's been in the 90s since march hello summer how are ya

    • ladychaos91374

      # endless summer aside from the 2 weeks in january it actually drops below 70 degrees oh the tavesty i hafta put socks on

  • Arianna Valdez
    Arianna Valdez

    We Stan Jeffree wearing his mask and being mindful of the people in the mall

  • Erica Rose
    Erica Rose

    Earrings at icing lmao im dead 💀💀

  • Bernie's 03
    Bernie's 03

    Can you enlighten us with a IL MAKIAGE products review? They claim great coverage

  • Jordin Burch
    Jordin Burch

    Why does jeffree look like Eminem from an alternate universe 🤐

  • srishti jain
    srishti jain

    Looks like Jeffere put some weight on ?🤔🤭

  • Erica Hoke
    Erica Hoke

    Sis, you don’t need to block people on Twitter for their opinion no wonder you were dropped. Lucky for me I found ya on here and I get to block your sorry ass.

  • Claire w
    Claire w

    I seriously don’t care if he’s “cancelled” I’m still going to watch him, he’s entertaining af

  • Deborah Cookston
    Deborah Cookston

    It used to be fun watching him. Garrett, and everyone was such a great vibe.

  • Pink Soldier2009
    Pink Soldier2009

    Funny how nobody at the mall really wanted to tell him the truth about his foundation.

  • Zaira jasso
    Zaira jasso

    Your face looks in point 💯 love it at first !!! Lol then later omg 😱 i think is for very dry skin

  • Alexandra Marte
    Alexandra Marte

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Jeffree without a wig ♥

  • Chelse Brooks
    Chelse Brooks

    Who else had a heart attack when the zombie popped out Wtfff loll

  • jaycie kemp
    jaycie kemp

    Did that damn zombie scare anyone else??

    • jane doe
      jane doe

      SAME OMG

  • Hoodieboy

    Do a collab with Kathy Griffin with your short hair. Your aura is completely different.

  • Karolina Ra
    Karolina Ra

    Looks oily and it does not look nice 👀

  • eric berry
    eric berry

    halle berry has a line of products at walmart

  • Robash Sandhu
    Robash Sandhu

    ...kinda bad ass..respect

  • Amber Walker
    Amber Walker

    Jeffree love you,but this foundation is not it . It was oily af and streaked and pulled and I didn't like it. Kvd might be"new" but new doesn't always mean better.

  • Karen Escobedo
    Karen Escobedo

    Not me thinking he was eating hot Cheetos because his fingers were red hahahahah

  • k Casaccia
    k Casaccia

    вєαutíful 😍😘😚

  • victoria chee
    victoria chee

    I love the gloss!! What brand is it? The gloss at 22.01

  • Kayla L.
    Kayla L.

    We love mark 😌

  • Tiffany's crazy beautiful life
    Tiffany's crazy beautiful life

    Thank you for this review I was going out to buy this before this video but not anymore but thank you for the honest review.

  • nizzle

    Missing the old, simple editing

  • Madison Maka
    Madison Maka

    not me screaming from the zombie

  • Allison Hornsby
    Allison Hornsby

    Been a fan since MySpace! Lol

  • Naked Panda
    Naked Panda

    I love how real Jeffree is! No fake filters to cover imperfections, makes me feel so much better about myself 🥰💯

  • Eilidh Mackay
    Eilidh Mackay

    I’m late to the vid but I’m digging the pink hair plus you are just amazing daily reminder u are beautiful and don’t need makeup

  • Melissa Cunningham
    Melissa Cunningham

    Love that deftones shirt your killer merch guy was wearing!!!!! Can I get his number???

  • Izdihar Zainal
    Izdihar Zainal


  • XxViktorijaxX

    Love the shirt hair

  • Emily B
    Emily B

    I still think Jeffree Star / Taco Bell would be iconic🌮🌯🥙💄👝💋

  • Bella Nizam
    Bella Nizam

    New season of walking dead is hilarious !!!! 😂😭

  • Marilyn Girard
    Marilyn Girard

    It's 15:33 for me 😂😂😂

  • Victoria Benitez
    Victoria Benitez

    Hear me out, finger waves w this cute simple look would’ve been so cuuuuute 😍😍


    You have 16.4 Million subscribers wonderful, keep growing....

  • Jessy Halls
    Jessy Halls

    AMC is killing it right now !!

  • GH 68
    GH 68

    Sponge is best to apply

  • Samiel Collins
    Samiel Collins

    Te ves mas joven sin el maquillaje

  • L Wood
    L Wood

    No hair and nails. Looks fucking amazing .... yes.

  • m


  • Cole Burton
    Cole Burton

    Review the Urban Decay Prince Collaboration please oh please!

  • William K
    William K


  • vErO eScObAr
    vErO eScObAr

    The Loud Hi How R Ya🤣


    Miss A makeup review next? I just placed an order. I cannot believe the prices. I do not even know what to expect...😶

  • Cat Campbell
    Cat Campbell

    I don’t get what’s going on with your filters? We can’t tell why your skin actually looks like because of the filters. I have watched you for donkeys years and have never clocked filters before, don’t get why you would use them now? It’s deffo a filter too, you get glimpses of the real vid when the bad zooms in and out happen. Please stop with the filters.

  • Dan Calzada
    Dan Calzada

    always love the honesty of your products reviews ❤

  • Sarah Fullick
    Sarah Fullick

    Great start...and a horrible ending - very symbolic of your friendship with KVD 😝

  • Julz Alta
    Julz Alta

    "What do you think ?" "..." "Silence ?" "I love my job." 💀

  • Cartoon Fanatic
    Cartoon Fanatic

    "oh my god, my phone rang, how unprofessional.." i absolutely wheezed and i love the energy here

  • Amanda M
    Amanda M

    You look like Halsey here Queen. @jeffreestar

  • Summertime

    This was a reach

  • anime14kurama

    I'm loving the short hair!!!

  • Melissa

    I love this Jeffree!! This is why I watched him in the first place. So nice to watch him be happy and hilarious!!! No more drama in 2021!

  • Rachel Yoder
    Rachel Yoder

    Please please please review urban decays new prince collection!

  • Cherry Enchantress
    Cherry Enchantress

    What's the best look for a Faery girl?

  • Ashley Anderson
    Ashley Anderson

    I completely agree with your review

  • Alisha Marie Moonraye
    Alisha Marie Moonraye

    "Isn't that so fucking weird?" Lmao yes... Yes it is

  • Kris Laggui
    Kris Laggui

    I really like your style on how you review beauty products. I love it.

  • Nelly’s Creations
    Nelly’s Creations

    Maybe for a short term is ok but after seen your review I’m sure I wouldn’t like it I am a mom! I just want a foundation that would stay on my face “the same” for a while but not greasy or drying etc 🙄 thanks for sharing!

  • gina Shuler
    gina Shuler

    What's the team with the nails that's not you you love getting your nails done

  • Ruby

    who is better james charles or jeffre starssss????? respond and let me know

  • Senky Chan
    Senky Chan

    Whttt the walking dead did scared me af hahahah

  • Allison Kaylee
    Allison Kaylee

    I tried this foundation and I hated it. I wanted to love it so much but it made me break out and it reminded me of halloween grease paint. 😩

  • Angelina Tjokro
    Angelina Tjokro

    I nearly passed out and died when he said walking dead... you know what I mean

  • arrow mcdowell
    arrow mcdowell

    I don’t like some choices you make , but I always always trust these .

  • Samantha Zapata
    Samantha Zapata

    ✨ Our first wig launch is happening over in our VIP group! Come join in on the fun and use code: LAUNCH for 10% off your entire purchase! ✨ facebook.com/groups/458874055187926/

  • I.A S
    I.A S

    Honestly I just don’t give a crap about beauty guru drama anymore, I’m here for good makeup reviews and good vibes. Jeffrey always delivers on those fronts 🙌🏻💜

    • pixiedusthoe


    • Haden Newhouse
      Haden Newhouse

      Same girl!!

    • Taylor Johnson
      Taylor Johnson

      Me too the drama is so f*cking extra

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