Introducing... Velvet Trap Lipsticks!!!! 🎀 Jeffree Star Cosmetics
HEY EVERYONE! Welcome BACK to my channel!! Today I'm revealing a brand new Jeffree Star Cosmetics lipstick formula called VELVET TRAP!!! It's time for my well loved Lip Ammunition to retire and say goodbye! Her replacement? A stunning new formula that's richly pigmented, one swipe coverage, buttery soft and giving a luxurious opaque color. It hugs the lips in a lightweight, velvet, pure matte finish with unreal dimension. The component has also been revamped!!! I also announce this year's HALLOWEEN Mystery Boxes!!!!!! They are FINALLY back! EVERYTHING LAUNCHES ON OCT. 16TH @ 10AM PST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch the entire video for swatches, packaging and the FULL tea!

ALL 20 SHADES.....
Celebrity Skin
Unicorn Blood
Nudist Colony
Diet Mannequin
The Perfect Red
Chocolate Fondue
Naked Body
Funeral Parlour
Pure Hell
Medieval Kiss
Watermelon Soda
Fire Starter
Hot Commodity
Malibu Beach House
Honey, Suck Me
So Jaded
Drill Sergeant


👻 Mini Mystery Box - $25
Premium Mystery Box - $60
Deluxe Mystery Box - $100


+ SNAPCHAT: jeffreestar
+ TWITTER: @jeffreestar

MUSIC: Besomorph x EMM - Afterlife ► - (courtesy of NoCopyrightSounds)

  • Ser Ka
    Ser Ka

    You paid too much for a wake video this isn’t even cute your older videos look better

  • Selena Pequeño
    Selena Pequeño

    Since my work let go of the mask mandate for vaccinated people 🦕🧚‍♀️ ima jus start wearing my lipsticks again

  • Candice miller
    Candice miller

    These lipsticks are the best I've used, hands down.

  • Alina & Van
    Alina & Van

    I am in love with the red

  • Bri Lar
    Bri Lar

    Can we get androgyny- my go to color!

  • LynnLee Shepherd
    LynnLee Shepherd

    I love my mystery box I was so excited with everything I got

  • Sam.Drawss

    can confirm - this formula is shit

  • Joe Is Simp
    Joe Is Simp


  • abc def
    abc def

    Am I the only one who is turned off by how far the camera is away? It's very unpleasing to watch...

  • I’moverit Sendoutpositivity
    I’moverit Sendoutpositivity

    Love love love💖💖💖💖

  • Boitumelo Beverley Motaung
    Boitumelo Beverley Motaung

    How stunning is Jeffree 🥰

  • Lisa Guerette
    Lisa Guerette

    Oh my god that pink lip color is to die for.

  • Arya Shafighian
    Arya Shafighian

    Anyone here from MeatCanyon?

  • Pixie Winks
    Pixie Winks

    No burgundy/berry?! What??!

  • Krissy -
    Krissy -

    Im surprised the Vegans never flooded this comment section .. with all your makeup being vegan friendly and animal cruelty free and here ya are, using bear traps .. mouse traps..cheese... hahaha the Veggies and Vegans missed opportunity!

  • Zuleyma Hernandez
    Zuleyma Hernandez

    How many times she said “Woohh”

  • Maddy Tunbridge
    Maddy Tunbridge

    And in New South Wales, Australia, we are all out at work etc. We still need and very much appreciate Jefree's LIPSTICKS

  • Maddy Tunbridge
    Maddy Tunbridge

    I bought Nudist Colony....PERFECTION. Love the formula, love the magnetic closure. Love it. Thanks so much Jeffree

  • angelic_ Teaxrs_
    angelic_ Teaxrs_

    Money wont buy u happiness honey and nor does u will find happines in deleting negative comments to make it positive it just wont work negativity is gonna come cuz as i said money cant buy happiness hunny

  • Luna

    Can anyone help plz .. at the end of the shoot video where it shows their heads in boxes the very last model is a guy and his lipstick is smudged around his mouth - would you say that’s ‘fire starter’ he’s wearing ? Looks to bright for perfect red and too orange for the watermelon but I’m not 100% sure agh! Thanks in advance to whoever knows the answer 😘

    • Rool Jeffry
      Rool Jeffry

      Check JSC IG., they stated the color

  • Kristen Kristen
    Kristen Kristen

    Oh my God, his nails. In love. Such a pretty color!

  • Nica Bell
    Nica Bell

    The trap moment design it's really reminds me BLACKPINK kill this love it's really cute❤

  • Be with Noor
    Be with Noor

    *8:57** I'm a red lipstick fan but I want that Lipstick*

  • Denise Chaoub
    Denise Chaoub

    Omg your awesome!!! 👏👏👏❤️👍🏼

  • Tater Tott
    Tater Tott

    Makeup SCARED me until I watched his video "how I did my makeup in highschool"....I realized that it's not that scary and has come a LONG way since 1999!!! I have taken chances with elf products and WOW! I get "WOW's" now 😜🌹

  • คเณศ

    Can we use it on surgical masks too, otherwise it's just a waste of money.

  • sophia

    Go look at @Trishlikefish88 TikTok! You will not believe the things Jeffree has done to her! She is exposing everything about him on TikTok! Jeffree is probably the lowest human being I know. Making fun of somebody who is “poor” when you were once poor Jeffree, really?

    • Rool Jeffry
      Rool Jeffry

      You watch someone who literally drag everyone kn her life to oaint narrative. Lmao. Now she dragging david dobrik. How funny is that all her life is dragging all her friends.

  • Scarlett Yeaman
    Scarlett Yeaman

  • ΣΑΣΑ Λάρα
    ΣΑΣΑ Λάρα

    these lipsticks feel like tape on ur lips, like a weird lip balm. Nudist Colony is the better one but theyre overpriced for how poorly pigmented they are and apply lighter than what they look like on the tube. Good thing is the color lasts, bad thing is it takes 10 swipes to build it up on the lips

  • Təəßh

    imagine only hating Jeffree only cause of what the " media " says , little snowflakes 🥺👉👈

  • Martina

    Hmm idk how I feel about the packaging. I think I would've preferred a rose gold metal, chrome, whatever bullet with (maybe) a matte J☆ logo. P.S: To each their own, this is just my preference.

  • Charlie Griffin
    Charlie Griffin

    Anyone seeing the resemblance to Lisa Eldridge’s Velvet Lipsticks?

  • Morrisha Yates
    Morrisha Yates

    I'm so confused his new pallets like every new one and the videos he did in his new house I confused where this is in his house or is he just somewhere like I'm so confused to someone help

  • Sisters

    My friend aunt works for you

  • Konrad •
    Konrad •

    For what i received i passed on to you as of first importance: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that He was buried, that He was raised on the third day according to the scriptures 1 Corinthians 15 3 PS: "according to the Scriptures" - what the Apostle means is that Lord Jesus fulfilled prophecy's of the Prophets of God in Old Testament. There are like hundreds of Prophecies that Lord Jesus fulfilled, just look it up dear ones. God is our Father. He is the best of Fathers, the most lovable and merciful of Fathers. Read the whole uncensored Bible that is Catholic(The Original) and pray my friends. Wish you all well🙏amen🙏 .

  • I’m dat weeb yoongi stan
    I’m dat weeb yoongi stan

    I’m always so tempted to buy Jeffree’s make up omg and I rarely even wear make up

  • yaady baddy
    yaady baddy

    red hair suits you

  • Anis Jennifer
    Anis Jennifer

    That's a real quality packaging right there bish

  • Angela

    I love these colours and the texture....above and beyond girl

  • Sandy DiVa
    Sandy DiVa

    Can we get a moisturizing bullet formula im so over matte and liquid. Bullet lipstick, anything but matte, is what screams luxurious to me imho. I still love these, just want a moisturizing option TOO

  • crypandora66

    Ummm the first shade is my shadeeeeeeeee!! I been needing to replace my grey hippie but haven't found anything that I liked. I can't wait to try this one 😭😭😭😭💖

  • Brittany B
    Brittany B

    Why were the sounds of opening it so satisfying?! 😂❤️

  • Samantha Sem
    Samantha Sem


  • Fallyn🥰


  • Ramina Decho
    Ramina Decho

    Pleaseeee review rare beauty makeup!!

  • Claire Stott
    Claire Stott

    Tati doesnt upload Shane doesnt upload jeffre: so lets just ignore the backlash say sorry and move on.


    Sixnine ? 🙄🤔

  • BrianasChickenNuggests

    hey love ur stuff but have u ever thought of maybe having eco friendly alternatives to some things?

  • DudeitsLawson

    jeffree bitch i love your content you are super funny, however recently you are turning into kylie keep your youtube page mostly fun content not commercials. we all know you are gonna create dope shit but i do not personally wear makeup man. you cannot sell it to me.

  • sapphire

    why do you look like a w*man? bruh

  • Juliana Huffman-Annett
    Juliana Huffman-Annett

    lmfao hes inside himself

  • Jacklynn Janos-Arquette
    Jacklynn Janos-Arquette

    Thank you for being you! I have been in such a dark place I lost my job due to Covid lockdowns and binge watching your videos has been such a light for me! I can’t wait to one day be able to afford your makeup since becoming a mom I can’t remember the last time I was able to splurge on good makeup! It’s been probably 9 years! Your incredible tho thank you for getting me through this difficult time! 💗

  • Orange Dragon5
    Orange Dragon5

    I like your makeup tutorials their amazing and beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Orange Dragon5
    Orange Dragon5

    Do you ever wonder if Jeffree still bops to prom night his own song he released in 2012 when James Charles was 12

  • Amanda Bennett
    Amanda Bennett

    Love you J.S ⭐💄⭐

  • Karen Cooper
    Karen Cooper

    I love the magnet idea, the lids are always coming off most lippies

  • Jacob Padilla
    Jacob Padilla

    I just ordered hot commodity can’t wait I love you jeffree😘😘😘

  • Musto Mathew
    Musto Mathew

  • Pinto Beanie babay
    Pinto Beanie babay

  • Moon

    Ничего не понятно но очень интересно

  • safrizal Bin Abdurrahman
    safrizal Bin Abdurrahman

    Amazing, excellent

  • Mary Dianne Santos
    Mary Dianne Santos

    I hate your intro! 🙄🙄

  • Maria B
    Maria B

    Hi good morning!!! How are you? I’ve been trying to catch your attention for the longest time. I am in need of some help at this very moment. I am so behind on my bills & I have not bought any Christmas presents for my loved ones. I cant afford anything right now. This is has been hard for all of us but definitely harder for me. My husband had tested positive and didn’t go to work for 2 weeks which he did not get paid for. We are super behind. Anything helps please🥺✨🙏🏻🎄❤️ love you! Have a blessed day

  • Olivia Crapps
    Olivia Crapps

    every time I hear your voice I wanN throw up 🤢

    • Rool Jeffry
      Rool Jeffry

      And why you even here. You sounds like 5 years old.

  • kekkle chong
    kekkle chong


  • Carter Sharer
    Carter Sharer


  • Ashwini Rawat
    Ashwini Rawat

    Comments are so hateful😑 I love him♥

  • Abby Walters
    Abby Walters

    This is SICKKKKK

  • Abby Walters
    Abby Walters

    There’s like no lipstick in that compared to other lipsticks

  • Night Owls
    Night Owls

    Why is a grown man, who knows his audience is mostly young girls, naming his products after sex and drugs, and calling everyone "baby"? Am I in the twilight zone?

  • william

    4:51 fantastic b roll

  • Justin seagul
    Justin seagul

    I like how honest they are for using the real product unlike the other cosmetics there they do not use their brand on photoshoot

  • NIECY B.
    NIECY B.

    Hey Cool videos 💕💕 on my channel

  • Kawaii Jasmine
    Kawaii Jasmine

    OMG I love that brand new lipstick formula and I love all the swatches so pretty❤️❤️

  • Annie J
    Annie J

    0:28 the echo is killing me 😂😂😂 haunted house vibes

  • Kelli Hanson
    Kelli Hanson

    I would love to learn how to apply liner and lipsticks to accentuate my lips. I feel like I don’t look right wearing colors! How do you know what tones look good on you? I am obsessed with you amd all of your lip colors and products!!! Thank you 😊

  • Krispy Kreme
    Krispy Kreme

    You really should not sit on your knees for these horrible thumbnails. Your legs are so short and skinny they look like they’ve atrophied and you don’t look like you’re even capable of standing up. It’s gross and confusing just like your horrible personality.

    • Lana Boo
      Lana Boo

      Wow 😂

  • Mochī

  • A

    I love that everything is well thought, well concepted, like JS always go extra ✨

  • Marie Shines
    Marie Shines

    The REAL Jefree Star ! Watch this vid below WAKE UP PEOPLE JS is EVIL

  • Ginger Clark
    Ginger Clark


  • Madison B.
    Madison B.

    Why does chocolate fondue look like shit on his hand?? I bet it looks prettier on the lips but like on his hand it looks like straight poop!

  • Stephane Charest
    Stephane Charest

    Jeffrey's star totally sister snatched rupaul

  • Amazing potato
    Amazing potato

    OMG love your makeup I use it everyday and I absolutely love the lipstick ❤️

  • namra tariq
    namra tariq

    ooommmgggg that red 😍😍

  • Claricia Natania
    Claricia Natania

    Those pics are gorgeous tho

  • Symphony Sonata
    Symphony Sonata

    Its not one swipe dfq pricey and the formula is not that great.


    jeffree´s eyebrows %0


    ´´bitch theyre are not jeffree star´´ that killed me

  • WIM PRIOR Van Gucht
    WIM PRIOR Van Gucht

    Jeffree's team of technical please fix the echo in the videos. Sounds buffering is important for a nice soft sound of Jeffree's voice. Thanks. Love

  • Danii v
    Danii v


  • riabun

    so... this basically bit off lisa eldridge's velvet collections, except tackier?

  • Abigail Bolander
    Abigail Bolander

    Can we just give some credits to the models that are also in the photos shoot? They are just so beautiful❤️✨

  • Ashleyy Ashweed
    Ashleyy Ashweed

    6:52 the lipstick that model is wearing omg I need to know what it’s called it looks beautiful and looked perfect on her

  • Adam 802
    Adam 802

    Hot commodity,fast persuader jamirokwayy. Fuck me I'm famous university 2008

  • Ania Nowak
    Ania Nowak

    If only I had 300 dollars hehe

  • Redvelvet Vixen
    Redvelvet Vixen

    OKAY! I'm buying some lipsticks!

  • Ida

    Velvet reminds me of Lisa.

  • Expert Comment
    Expert Comment

    We want to open a store in Pakistan jefferee

  • Kaitlyn Rossow
    Kaitlyn Rossow

    Ordered two

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