I’m Really Scared To Admit This.
After I uploaded my Blood Money Collection reveal video, I got an overwhelming amount of feedback that I would love to respond to. There has been alot of personal things going on behind the scenes and I'd like to share why I seemed so OFF. Thank you for watching. Love you guys.

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  • Godiva Gwen
    Godiva Gwen

    Just dont care bot the haters . Love u ❤

  • Lisa Percival
    Lisa Percival

    I just decided to unsubscribe I'm not supporting and paying for drama hes not a victim

  • Lisa Percival
    Lisa Percival

    Why? If he just focus on his brand

  • MiMi Terrado
    MiMi Terrado

    Bayot 😹

  • Miranda Braaten
    Miranda Braaten

    Who's watching this in 6 of 2021 and wondering what happened to the fitness documentary that J said was gonna be on soon. I hope he will come out with some day 💞

  • moniça Mçlean
    moniça Mçlean

    I'm so proud of it Jeffree Star I'm so proud of you standing up and being a man 2020 been on all us

  • mira-san

    Ara you gay yas sure

  • Tara Time
    Tara Time

    😂😂😂 whack in the head

  • donika ivanova
    donika ivanova

    You are Willie Wonka at god damn make up god bless you

  • Makayla Smith
    Makayla Smith

    Gotta love people who actually make it a point in their day to be hateful.

  • jetlir lajqi
    jetlir lajqi

    hey i like ur vids but like i realize that this year you are getting way too involved in drama just to get views! girl stick to ur the setup of 2 to 3 years agooo i miss that girl! im sorry you got death threats and such 😞

  • Jennifer Coleman
    Jennifer Coleman

    Idc what nobody says. I LIVVVVEEEEEDDDD for the reveal. Girl you gave what it was suppose to give. I understand about how far the camera was but cmon, y’all still could see the product and what it gave. Some people just want to complain just to do it. I’m proud of you Jeffery and keep putting stepping on our necks. I love it 😍💚

  • Johnna Mccoy
    Johnna Mccoy

    Can I just add this and I hope you read it, You are absolutely amazing inside and out. Nothing to apologize for and you were expressing yourself on a genuine level and all your awesomeness. I adored all the photo shoots and the savageness you brought to the blood money video. I t was real and authentically you.

  • Sir MaeVon
    Sir MaeVon

    I have not watched Jeffrey in a long time. I wish he never got in drama and just reviewed makeup normally. Damn big love for you jeffre.

  • Alina & Van
    Alina & Van

    I am upset with the lipstick 💄

  • Vivienne Branom
    Vivienne Branom

    tbh im only watching this not because i like you i actually fucking hate you but because in my head i was like i wonder what jeffree is doing is he still poping is he still posting but yeah just wanted to let you know i hate you :)

    • Vivienne Branom
      Vivienne Branom

      @Jay Mi fuck no

  • Bare Arii
    Bare Arii


  • Navy WifeHernandez
    Navy WifeHernandez

    “Here’s a mini bundle and a concussion” oh gosh that was so funny 🤣

  • Kelsey Graham
    Kelsey Graham

    I love you mekup I will not hurt you feelings

  • Kelsey Graham
    Kelsey Graham

    I will not say to you

  • moira eiynck
    moira eiynck

    I live for watching you finger your eyeliner.

  • Lori Alred
    Lori Alred

    No one should ever tell another human being to die. That breaks my heart that people can be that cold hearted. 😥😭

  • Lucie Škuthanová
    Lucie Škuthanová

    Jeffree ? I love you ! Done !

  • Lori Alred
    Lori Alred

    Everyone is different and they approach life in their own individual way. I was raised to love everyone as Jesus would, not judge people for their flaws, because Lord knows I have a ton. I know in my heart that no matter what, we are ALL God's children and He loves us ALL!! He made us, He knows our heart and He knows why we do the things we do. I know you joke around in your videos Jeffree but He loves you too. So much. Please stop being so down on yourself and know that. We are all sinners and no one is perfect. Jesus is the only one who was ever perfect. I love you too and hope you have an amazing day! God bless you and your family! 🙂

  • Chrissy Barr
    Chrissy Barr

    I’ve had only just found you Mr Star ⭐️ 💫🌟 don’t know how that’s possible but it’s true and I think you are fucking AWESOME Love from 🇬🇧

  • Amy Cimaglia
    Amy Cimaglia

    You're so authentic baby!! Please know if you have haters that means you got it going on completely! We love you because you're genuine

  • Denise Castillo
    Denise Castillo

    Y’all switched up REALLLLL fast

  • Kvenchys beauty bar
    Kvenchys beauty bar

    You’re such a beautiful person thank you for reminding us that we are all human and not being afraid to admitting how things make you feel ❤️❤️

  • Nashielly Romero
    Nashielly Romero

    You are so right, thanks for sharing all personal stuffs and feelings. You are so talented and strong. I'm just waiting for my Blood Money palette!!! I hope everything is ok now with your family. |

  • QG

    5:26 I have never heard Jeffree trip over a word before... he seems 💔

  • alex 18
    alex 18

    Buy ethereum before the price skyrockets 💥💥💥💥💥👌

  • Kathy Suter
    Kathy Suter

    J.S U r a SURVIVOR. Always have been, did what U had to do what ever it took to survive & thrive. Why shouldn't U enjoy your life?? U have worked your ass off to get where U r & the Beauty Business is so very , very cut throat , especially now. Keep on with your determination, your Companies & ignore the shitbags who r Vile, hateful, jealous, & rvall falling by the wayside anyway. . Trust me they would give anything to be at the level U r at. Rock on!!!! I say enjoy it. I LOVE all your videos & your makeup is fantastic!

  • Lindsay Clark
    Lindsay Clark

    P.s. and incredibly beautiful xxxxx

  • Lindsay Clark
    Lindsay Clark

    You’re awesome Jeffree, I love your honesty...you’re an excellent role model. Lots of love, Lindsay, Edinburgh, Scotland xxxxxxxxxxx

  • frances dacara
    frances dacara

    everybody are insecure to jeffree now coz shes slayin

  • Kimberly Dearth
    Kimberly Dearth

    I NEED one of Jeffree's hand mirrors so f*cking bad!!

  • Analyn Gallenito
    Analyn Gallenito

    😱😱😱That make up kit is awesome. I wish I can have them 1 day but that's impossible because I'm not rich like people who can afford that. But that really awesome.

  • Liza Villablanca
    Liza Villablanca

    Be brave!god is always in you,

  • Splashie

    I'm honestly just disappointed in people, sending death threats and shit The real monsters are the haters

  • ryuu ryuu
    ryuu ryuu


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    10-28 apache

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    Aihunshisha Syiem

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  • Giuseppe Fantini
    Giuseppe Fantini

    Jeffree you're my favorite 💘

  • Talia H
    Talia H

    I don’t think that Jeffrey should get all this hate it is not fair.and love is something sensitive and when he is hurting people should not add on that thnx

  • mtndew33725

    I liked the crazy set up. I thought it could use more closeup of the products and the camera wasn’t face forward. However I really liked the other video’s setup and everything looked gorgeous!

  • Bamagoni

    Jeffree come back down to earth. I feel disconnected as a viewer at this point because all you post is pretty much your brand. Honestly I might unsubscribe.

  • R jenifer
    R jenifer

    How about we go back to basic kindness and respect? If you have nothing good to say, say nothing. I've never seen anything but realness from Jeffree Star. If you don't like him, don't watch.

  • Autumn Kills
    Autumn Kills

    jeffree star you should try florasis beauty # beautiful makeup 🏵🌺

  • Oh, Snap! Tutorials
    Oh, Snap! Tutorials

    I’m not sure what it is , but you’re incredibly relatable. Money aside, we are all the same ; issues, concerns, stress. We are just humans . I love that you feel or felt comfortable enough to share all that with your audience. Honestly, the fancy stuff is nice , but that’s not what impresses me and keeps me coming back. It’s you as a person. Cars are cars, houses are houses. It’s you that is unique . If you lived in a freaking trailer I’d still love ya! I hope you’ll consider doing real life again, but I can understand why you wouldn’t want to.

    • Oh, Snap! Tutorials
      Oh, Snap! Tutorials

      Also- I love when you be funny!!

  • Hana Frederica
    Hana Frederica

    I like the way you speak. Your voice is so nice

  • And ?
    And ?

    EVERYONE has bad days. Fu*k you for hurting someone's feelings for it. Love this collection.

  • Suzy E
    Suzy E

    love and support you jeffree

    • Suzy E
      Suzy E

      @Lacey if you think that then why are you on his page looking at his comments??? wtf?? get a life

    • Lacey

      You shouldn't

  • Marie

    ♡ you, solidarity

  • stacy frazierbauer
    stacy frazierbauer

    Miss your reviews jeffree! Looking beautiful Baby!!

  • Cathy McArthur
    Cathy McArthur

    Absolutely gorgeous. Tinkerbell fantasy vibes.So fairylike. That's why I purchased this pallette. Love this color on you.

  • Rita Milan
    Rita Milan

    guys i didnt get anything. what happened?

  • jisung's acorns
    jisung's acorns

    Just gotta say the pallet reminds me of slytherin colors and I love make up so- great work- I couldn't comment on the other vid but uh-

  • Bernadette Anderson
    Bernadette Anderson

    So sad

  • BunnyFett

    Jefree, we fucking love you. Haters gonna hate, but your true fam will always be here for you.

    • Lacey

      Do you support blm??

  • G S
    G S

    JS..such love & hate relationship.. When he seems genuine and just chill..its fun and great to watch.. But then he'll do something shitty or insert himself in drama.. And he becomes really annoying.. But at the end of the day we still are curious abt JS..we still want to know what he's up too etc etc.. I bought his velour lipsticks back in the day.. But then after all the scandals and the way he treated some people .. I decided not to support his brand.. But here I am watching his videos.. Because he is a star isn't he.. He has a interesting life as lonely as it seems.. All the money in the world can't buy you friends or love.. But it can get you luxury things and the dream house..

  • Kelly Watson
    Kelly Watson

    Boo u are human and life is real and ppl need to close their mouths and stop speakin on ur life when they dont really know the details.....ive just learned of u and i love u so much and think ur so amazin and wish i cud offord ur makeup cuz i love it all boo...keep bein u and keep that beautiful head up love u

  • Laurece Angal
    Laurece Angal

    I’m a little late to the party, but I have always respected your honestly and the fact you are you. People seem to really like to take all their frustrations and hatred out on people they don’t know over minor things simply because they can, and I’m sorry for that. I hope that never slows you down from doing what you love! I’ve always sucked at makeup and can never seem to figure it out, but I always get that fix from you. From one Casperite to another, never stop being you!

  • dozydoe

    Does he actually think he's interesting ? can't even watch it all - see ya!

    • dozydoe

      @Lacey :) LOL

    • Lacey

      Wait for meee

  • prissy b
    prissy b

    Green is my favorite color :)

  • michelle 2309
    michelle 2309

    Idk i didn't see anything wrong with the video myself but good grief im not that dag gone picky if you r looking down

  • Eve Florez
    Eve Florez


  • Alicia Birt
    Alicia Birt

    I would love to talk to you!! I am starting to learn more and more about makeup and I want to start creating but have no idea where to start or how to! Your simply an inspiration I know this industry is tough and your still standing strong working incredibly hard and it's amazing!

  • BreastCancerUnicorn !
    BreastCancerUnicorn !

    But you can’t beat the formulas... like you cannot! I’ve not tried one product that I’m not in love with!

  • Amanda Aseves
    Amanda Aseves

    I think this is one of my favorite videos of Jeffree. Just so honest and open, I really feel like we’re just sitting having a conversation. 💖 The only thing I’d change about it... Can you make a clip of something with swatching the glosses from Blood Money? I’d love to see all of the colors 💚💚💚 I’m newly collecting all of your products, so I’ve gotta prioritize my favorites first 🥰🥰

  • Carley Warner
    Carley Warner

    Thank you for being so authentic at the beginning of your video 💕

  • Tors Ruađ-Jarn
    Tors Ruađ-Jarn

    Where have all the 'Jeffree Star Approved' videos gone? I love seeing him walking in to a dollar store or high street cosmetic store and trying and testing make up that we can all afford.

  • angelic_ Teaxrs_
    angelic_ Teaxrs_

    Money wont buy u happiness honey and nor does u will find happines in deleting negative comments to make it positive it just wont work negativity is gonna come cuz as i said money cant buy happiness hunny

  • SoundingTheRedAlarm

    It costs a lot of money to advertise, it makes it a bit easier to shoot it in the comfort of your own home; but that was a lot of preparation that went into that and Jeffree needs to be respected for that. For Jeffree, you make some excellent products, from design to legal paperwork and the final completion line. People don't always know how hard all of that is. Have fun, no matter what you're doing

  • Richelle Iliff
    Richelle Iliff

    Anyone else tired of the drama and just want make up reveals/reviews?

    • nathalhices

      But when he makes reveals and reviews, what people give back to him he's showing in the video... it's just a lot of drama. I must say, we are never satisfied lmao. so I think youtubers can do better but either we as viewers can. Recently I just changed my mindset a little bit to instead of asking people infinite things, I just get what I want from other channels and brands. Like there are a LOT of great reviews made by great MUAs, even the smaller ones they're serving it all as well

  • Barbara Joan Aquino
    Barbara Joan Aquino

    I dont really know nor have much knoledge on you but i dont know i am loving you... i wish you all the best luvyah girl

  • Gena Woods
    Gena Woods

    Jeffree, you will probably never see this comment, but maybe someone that needs to will. Sweets, you will never know what you have done for me. I'm old enough to be your mom, but you have inspired me to bring out the best in myself. I'm disabled from multiple sclerosis and had to give up on my law career. Ugly depression made me feel ugly, certainly not the pretty woman I once had been. I somehow stumbled across you on Facebook and have been following you for about 4 months now. You are an amazing young person. You have built your own world at such a young age. I am so impressed by your ethic, not just in business but personally. Ok, you've made some poor choices. We all have. What makes you stand out is that you can admit when you are wrong. That is a precious quality sadly missing in most people today. You continue on with your head held high knowing that you really are loved and appreciated. Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do. Stay strong. The haters will hate; they're not happy when they can't make crap somewhere. I am pleased to say that I follow you now and always will. Peace and love!

  • Heather MacAnanny
    Heather MacAnanny

    I miss Jeffree. Come back to us! We miss you. The funny, random, care free, fun loving Jeffree. ❤️

  • Simplymads

    He was at 18m and now that I’m watching this he’s at 16m

  • Ki Lach
    Ki Lach

    Wait people are pressed because they THINK he doesn't wanna continue HIS brand. So what sometimes you need to get that bread and why would he HAVE to continue his brand he's the boss and if I'm not mistaken he said he has other business in an old video he'll still get his money even if he stopped with his brand and it's not your place to Tell him what to do with HIS brand.

  • Eve EXE.
    Eve EXE.

    Reasons why you literally shouldnt forgive him: 1. He tried pushing a teenage kid to suicide because of some dumb gummies 2. He is manipulative 3. He tries ruining friendships 4. He's such a fake But I dont agree to the death threats he is getting.

    • Ka_lunar

      And that “teenage” boy turned out to be a Predator... oohhh

  • Elen LippL
    Elen LippL

    J, it’s like dreams make up! Will to buy one by one each month coz it’s like u, the queen star! Lov u ❤️

  • Elen LippL
    Elen LippL

    J, u r my Star! God and I send u the best! All people needs to make money to survive! U r blessed! Xox from Germany 🇩🇪

  • Random

    That wig is gorgeous 😍

  • My2 Loves
    My2 Loves

    Jeffree you can’t please everyone. Just do you. We are ALL going thru a lot of shit. You should name a palette “Heir to The Throne”. With deep fall colors. Just a thought

  • Theresa Marcrum
    Theresa Marcrum

    I’m sorry bitch but your house is the most quarantine friendly place I’ve yet to see lmao . I know you weren’t planning on being there alone or without your love .

  • Andres Garcia
    Andres Garcia

    Problem with people this days...they only comen to the internet .to enoing people and make people fell bad....sis you only have to enor people .. keep the hard work lol

  • Desiree Regnier
    Desiree Regnier

    I hope there will be a rainbow collection

  • Belen

    This video is so honest and real. I love Jeffery ❤️ he is the best

  • J MRP
    J MRP

    Just bought mine. Can wait to play with it.

  • Lulu Leann
    Lulu Leann

    Everyone who hated on your reveal video is crazy because any one who follows you and has followed you for years like me, understand that you are EXTRA AF and you do what makes you happy and makes your customers and fans happy. If they dont like what they see then they can go to someone elses makeup channel because you are amazing and you are talented. You do you bby. Youre still my idol and my inspiration to the artist ive become. I love you and the star puppies 💞💞💞

  • mxrcuriie

    people really talk like when someone is rich or famous, they would have a perfect f*cking life and they’re not supposed to be having a bad day. like WTF? people are human, everybody is and they should be allowed to be sad or not feel well. some famous people have personal problems, some have other problems that can give them a bad day. money is not always happiness and some of y’all need to get that through ur head.

  • Lucrezia Girelli
    Lucrezia Girelli

    The blood money collection is amazing and the new adv was stunning. You are just jealous of him

  • Mahi Biswa
    Mahi Biswa

    I love u plzzz merry me

    • Mahi Biswa
      Mahi Biswa

      From Endia

    • Mahi Biswa
      Mahi Biswa

      I 25 year old 👧

  • Amber 'Mudd' Sheppard
    Amber 'Mudd' Sheppard

    Trying to be happy

  • ø Annie May ø
    ø Annie May ø

    Your Vulnerability is showing.

  • Christy Heathcott
    Christy Heathcott

    You look so amazing💜

  • Ice 23
    Ice 23

    wow! your views are really going down the drain.. but you dislikes are growing! keep it up! 😅 #jeffree💩💩💩

    • Lacey


  • Johanna Silva
    Johanna Silva

    Why using an animal to do marketing? Isn't jeffrey star cosmetics a vegan brand? Is hard enough see all the bags of actual leather...

  • Monica Hyland
    Monica Hyland

    Well babe I love you and you will always be my favorite love

    • Monica Hyland
      Monica Hyland

      Leave me alone

    • Lacey

      @Monica Hyland Reasons why you should HATE HIM FOOOREVERR 1. He tried pushing a teenage kid to suicide because of some dumb gummies 2. He is manipulative 3. He tries ruining friendships 4. He's such a fake

    • Monica Hyland
      Monica Hyland

      Girl I don’t need your drama it’s my opinion for go troll someone else

    • Lacey

      Reasons why you should HATE HIM FOOOREVERR 1. He tried pushing a teenage kid to suicide because of some dumb gummies 2. He is manipulative 3. He tries ruining friendships 4. He's such a fake

  • zazas world
    zazas world

    I honestly just love you

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