MAKEUP ARTIST/COSMETICS CREATOR. Singer/song writer. Fashion obsessed.

  • Nathan Ware
    Nathan Ware

    Best wishes to you and your mate. Horrendous. I have been in one bad car accident and currently on surgery number 13 with complicated fistula surgery. When you said your friend had fistula and a mass my heart broke. I think your amazing and keep it real. You’ve got this. 💪 please keep going your helping all of us.

  • Lily Garcia
    Lily Garcia

    5:32 😂😂 that scream was on point! Great spongebob

  • S S
    S S

    I love you from japan 💕

  • Moshe Tal
    Moshe Tal

    Can we have a makeup toutorial for straight men. Something like hollywood men actors get? Please

  • Emily Lowe
    Emily Lowe

    Back when things were better

  • Tashi Bhutia
    Tashi Bhutia

    No one : Literally no one : Jefree : This smells skincarey and fresh Jefree after 5 seconds: smell acholic and coughs......

  • Leia Hensley
    Leia Hensley

    Say what you want about our boy Jeffree, but I'm not taking makeup recommends from any other HRpostsr.

  • Jeannie princetta
    Jeannie princetta

    I thought you were doing the Prince collection? Supposed to have been up about a week ago and I'm still not finding it

  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez

    20:06. Wait but i thought that was yellow

  • TtvRealms GG
    TtvRealms GG

    This made me tear up a little because I’m one of Jeffers biggest fans

  • TheUnknownPleasures

    I love you in this short, softed colored hair. This really suits you!

  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez

    Jeffree needs to make a 63mm royal blue grinder. Also heal up jeffree

  • Connie Kreese
    Connie Kreese

    The black side gave me Brittany Spears moments

  • Cherrixangelx

    anyone from 2021

  • kisabella

    we shoot to kill😂

  • Aidan McElroy
    Aidan McElroy

    A bit of constructive criticism to the editor is just to obviously be more careful before the video is uploaded. A few mistakes like the random 2 second black screen as well as S in transitions that could be a bit more seamless takes from the video a little bit. Good work though! Great video.

  • B Niya
    B Niya


  • amira irdina
    amira irdina

    Do collaboration with winx club🙃

  • Sacred Waves
    Sacred Waves

    If you have already had covid...the vaccine won't do anything for you. It can make shit way worse for your health. Covid has been here since 2015. It was created in N. Carolina in a collab with China. I thought everyone knew that. SMH. In all the " conspiracy", you missed the truth.

  • Alusine Success
    Alusine Success

    What does God think about gays?

  • ethan-CODS


  • Michele Tambunan
    Michele Tambunan

    Take care of yourself Jeffrey. You are starting to look like the rest of us with the dark circles under your eyes. Miss your videos like this but don't push yourself.

  • Виктория Пономаренко
    Виктория Пономаренко

  • Виктория Пономаренко
    Виктория Пономаренко

  • Carolyn Nigro
    Carolyn Nigro

    Poor Daniel....praying for him .

  • Talita Malcontenta
    Talita Malcontenta


  • Ashley Peretz
    Ashley Peretz

    You can get 6 elf primers for one Tatcha one

  • Mairin Mazzie Sheary Smith
    Mairin Mazzie Sheary Smith

    Am I the only one who doesn’t mind the editing? Christian was better but the new one doesn’t bother me

  • Diana Rogers
    Diana Rogers

    The sneeze sounded like a chicken lol but she a queen

  • Jazmin Alejandra Castro
    Jazmin Alejandra Castro

    What about with this backgroud music?????

  • Anonymous 0000
    Anonymous 0000

    🔥 bonfire crypto

  • kayla karts
    kayla karts

    The heady man distinctively trap because fur phongsaly peel above a bizarre cupboard. ceaseless, hanging keyboard

  • annajojohnson

    Black Ice is no joke and you can't see it.

  • Henry Keith
    Henry Keith

    That frosting moment was fucking revolting, every single thing about it

  • Linda

    Jeffree is so damn fabulous and talented!! I love his charisma. I know for sure if we ever went to a bar, hung out, would be such fun and we would wind up in handcuffs!!! lol....Love this video!!

  • Joshua Escobar
    Joshua Escobar

    you copy the kylie skin

  • Dove Kerry
    Dove Kerry

    Would you ever do like a lipstick vault, with like every color you’ve ever made?

  • CerealKiller

    It's really cool, but it's way too neon at some places to fit the pizza theme Who has bright turquoise in their pizza ? You'd throw that shit away

  • Shalynn Taylor
    Shalynn Taylor

    This video is a mess 🤢

  • Kathy M
    Kathy M

    Jeffree needs to do ANY Tim Burton collab 😢 I want corpse bride Vibes with blue blood. I want Frankenweenie Vibes with cremated 😢. It would make my life 😬

  • ShaneTheMan

    What's with the weird randomly placed sound effects and transitions? Lol ....this a cocomelon episode?

  • Mya Walker
    Mya Walker

    Living for his side profile 😩

  • Gracie Warner
    Gracie Warner

    " benjamine is still is the FrOnK"

  • ZeffirRO

    Who cares?

  • Rodi Mousa
    Rodi Mousa

    I love the right side of ur face it looks much smoother ,, on the left side yeah looks dryier, and bit cracks☻

  • NikiLee Nelson
    NikiLee Nelson

    Anyone who says Jeffree is toxic refer just yourself to the thumbnail of this video and see the color of the receptacle he is using to throw away the makeup is blue.(which if you didn’t know is the color of the recycling bin you get from your county in America) That means he does in fact reduce reuse and recycle and only good hearted down to earth people recycle it’s the law

  • Chelsea Badders
    Chelsea Badders

    you should do a collab w adventure time or rick and morty

  • asueft


  • Grace Galloway
    Grace Galloway

    I love that hair color!

  • DaKineBradA

    Jeffery there is life after death. I encourage you find a good church and have a relationship with Jesus Christ. You have been given a second chance to live.

  • Raiven Smith
    Raiven Smith

    I have Jawbreaker

  • Zuhayr Yeadallee
    Zuhayr Yeadallee

    First thing am doing these jeffree star's videos as i wake up!

  • Trozillious

    I’m straight and used to be a homophobe but wanted to give gay lives a chance so I just searched trans ASMR then watched this video and gotta say you’re the reason I support LGBTQ now, you’re fucking hilarious loved this video you’re an amazing person with amazing commentary and very comedic I have now subscribed. God bless you you’re the best.

  • Betsy/BA BF
    Betsy/BA BF

    I remember seeing my car after my accident. You should see what a car-carrier tractor trailer can do to a stopped Chevy Impala. That got our oldest son came home early and offered to babysit his 3 baby brothers for me last minute while I went to a doctor's visit. They would not be here if they were with me.

  • Scarlett Fox
    Scarlett Fox

    Putting on expensive high-end foundation with a Patrick beauty blender. I love Jeffree.

  • Betsy/BA BF
    Betsy/BA BF

    I don't care who it is, anybody who takes the time to make a nasty comment to someone they've never met not only is emotiononally stable, but far worse with worse behavior than those they are supposedly 'calling out". They are too unintelligent, immature and poorly raised to connect that, as most get that and were taught to know better. What karma do you think making nasty comments unprovoked and wishing dead gets you. How many decent, happy, successful, loved people do you think spend their time making nasty comments to people on the internet? None, because they don't.

  • Jagger Suyama-Sadler
    Jagger Suyama-Sadler

    I had just gotten my first COVID vaccine shot a week ago felt fine maybe felt sick one day after but then felt fine, a little sleepy but that is cool, I feel great now I got the Pfizer Vaccine so I am going in again in a couple weeks and getting the last dose. I think the COVID vaccine is effective.

  • Haley Morton
    Haley Morton

    Idk why so many people are complaining, 12:12 "We have to test the tip of Patrick" was fucking HILARIOUS and the zoom out was added affect. She only been editing Jeffree's vids for like 5 days let's not act too much like Karen's ladies.

  • Glam and Fab Queen TV
    Glam and Fab Queen TV

    I got the 8 cool colors and they are awesomely good!

  • Victor Gutierrez
    Victor Gutierrez

    Review The Paytas Miracle box plz

  • AnaLei Horton
    AnaLei Horton

    I miss him so much

  • KJW

    WTF are you freak

  • Lori Alred
    Lori Alred

    God saved you guys Jeffree. Please believe you are His child and He loves you both. That is my wish for you know how deeply and unconditionally loved you both are by Him. He may hate some of the choices we all make from time to time but He never hates us. His love is never-ending!!!! 💕

  • Erika Willbur
    Erika Willbur

    people really suck...Daniel you are so strong, Jeffree I freaking love you, you are amazing for standing by your best friend, you are a beautiful person....

  • Uilian neves da silva Silva
    Uilian neves da silva Silva


  • Organzied Confusion
    Organzied Confusion

    Whew your skin looks gorgeous!!! It’s giving fountain of youth

  • Love Pinky
    Love Pinky

    Jeffrey pleas review glamlite x mikayla collaborationpretty pleas

  • mariethesizzler 9492
    mariethesizzler 9492

    It's on the door and he writes it with a crayon

  • Aaron Pennamacoor
    Aaron Pennamacoor

    TJ Maxx Makeup 💄 a

  • •. Bubble •. Puffgirl
    •. Bubble •. Puffgirl

    If y’all don’t like the music or editing on the video u can click tf off!!🙂🥰

  • Linda Weinstein
    Linda Weinstein

    What a nut

  • Charlie Sheffield
    Charlie Sheffield

    Jeffrey, it’s good to see that you’re doing ok since you’re accident 💟 that highlighter is so pretty

  • yeahboi


  • Annie Jenkins
    Annie Jenkins

    Ahh I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are #1

  • Amore Zolanski
    Amore Zolanski

    Jeffree:”and she literally cant get ready without it now.” Shane:looks in dissaproval knowing kylies lieing

  • LessOfMe Rny
    LessOfMe Rny

    He just seems not ready for this. Guess I could be wrong but I still LOVE Jeffree

  • Jenn

    Btw I wish they’d review Trishas new skin launch so bad 😭